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about us

Young team carving a niche in Pharmaceutical Industry

Lewens Labs finds its roots in 4 years of engineering during which we saw a dream to carve out a niche for ourselves in Pharmaceutical Industry. As a part of the final year project, We worked on cost reduction of "Aceclofenac" which fetched us four national awards including one from Consultancy Development Center, Government of India.

At Lewens, We aim to develop and provide quality,cost effective and sustainable solutions to our Customers by empowering people to think beyond the traditional norms of Chemistry and Engineering to come up with different and innovative solutions to the problems.

"Lewens" derives its meaning from the combination of two dutch words: Leven (meaning "Life") and Wens (meaning "Wish"). Thus, "Lewens" stands for "Lifewish" and provides us a constant reminder that whatever we do has a direct impact on people's life and we want to serve as Answers to people's wish for Life

Leven (Life) + Wens (Wish) = Lewens (Lifewish)